The Results of the Scientific School

Investigation of the Solar Activity Influence on the Crisis Events

Developed mathematical models based on artificial intelligence allowed to predict up to 50% of forest fires and hurricanes.Improving existing information systems by these methods lead to prevent natural disasters or reduce their consequences.


Research of the Development Strategies Countries and their Regions

The developed strategy of the countries and their regions development based on artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms allowed to determine volumes and proportions should be invested in specific types of economic activity (tested on Ukraine and Romania).


Prediction of Tourism Infrastructure Spatial Development

The combination of fractal geometry, the physical laws, artificial intelligence and GIS made it possible to predict the spatial form of development settlements. This allows to effective manage a single village, a city or the whole region.


Tourism Flows Modeling

The spatial dynamics of tourist attractiveness annual changes such regions as "Upper Prut" (Carpathian region of Ukraine) and the Chernivtsi region (Ukraine) was defined using by artificial intelligence technology and geographic information systems. This made it possible to build forecast for a tourists and cash flows during the year. This is the basis for regional development strategies building.


Modeling and Optimization of the Tourist Companies Operation

The combination of such methods as simulation, statistics, econometrics and artificial intelligence made it possible to simulate the operation of a some of tourist companies in real time mode. This allowed us to optimize their activities and determine the effectiveness of advertising, including advertising sources, their time delay, cost-effectiveness.


Information Systems and Web Development

For the automation of research was developed and effectively operated sites of "Collection of Scientific Articles. Economic sciences", annual International Scientific Conference «Technologies, Economics and Law: state and development perspectives», various competitions and contests.